Pretty much lives in her car! Always on the go and ready to run errands, she gets it done! Staying closely in touch with the community and local businesses she keeps tabs on who's who and what's going on in our area that we should take note of. She is always there with a helping hand and a smile to cheer us all.  


Is the creative mind. You can throw her any type of scraps and she will create something beautiful! She helps to keep things going in the online support group, does all the "In Memory of Candle Lighting" posts and all of our paperwork. You will usually find all 3 ladies together and scheming their next adventure!

~ Tonda

  "I, like many others, am now a soldier in a war I never knew was coming. I started Holly's Song of Hope as a place for others to join me in my fight. I fight to change the face of addiction, to bring awareness and education to those who think it could never happen to them and to be a pawn for anyone in need who has begun this fight before me to help them in their cause. I am a fighter and will continue to be for my husband, my other daughter, my grandson and... my angel.
  Please join me on my quest. Open & Honest conversation is the only way to win this War!"

​~Holly's Mom

 Denise                              Jessica                             Keelan

Changing the Stigma surrounding Addiction One Heart at a Time ~ through Education and Understanding!

Linda                               Trini

~ 24 / 7 Online support admins

They keep the group going, are always there with an understanding ear and compassionate heart

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