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​​Let me share briefly who I am. My name is Tonda and in October of 2012 I lost my 21 year old daughter to a heroin overdose. My world was forever changed. It took me a year and a half and a lot of therapy to finally stop crying and slide off the couch so that I could start to find my way on this earth. My goal ~ to stop other parents from ever having to experience the same life altering event.
I created an online (facebook) support group for addicts, recovering addicts and loved ones of addicts where we randomly post questions that educate members on all things addiction. It is also a place for members to receive and give peer-to-peer support to other members that may be a little farther along the path and are able to share things that helped or did not help in different circumstances. 

I am now honored to also serve on multiple boards including the GAP Network, the Governor’s Opiate Action Team, Family and Children First Council and our local Anti-Drug Coalition. 

I keep fighting this war to keep other parents from having to go through what I have been through. I "hope"  that you will join me!

~Tonda DaRe

I do have a blog that anyone is welcome to read however I make no promises that you will not be offended in some way.

It is my outlet, my core, my heart wide open.

If you don't like it ~ don't read it.
Tonda's Tales

Changing the Stigma surrounding Addiction One Heart at a Time ~ through Education and Understanding!