Changing the Stigma surrounding Addiction One Heart at a Time ~ through Education and Understanding!

"We had many speakers in here over 2 weeks time but Addiction 101 stuck with these kids unlike anything I've ever seen! Tonda was able to make the students see how addiction IS affecting them even if they are not the one struggling with it!"

~ Ms. Wells

High School Health Teacher

​​​We at HSOH believe that changing the stigma surrounding addiction is the first and most important step in bringing about the changes needed to successfully address the epidemic that is upon us. 

After a couple of years of being in the front lines of this war and many hours of conferences and training, Tonda, founder of HSOH, created a presentation called "Addiction 101". It is her vision of addiction and everything surrounding it in a very easy to understand power point. It covers everything from how addiction affects the brain, to what brought about this epidemic, to ways to help end it.

"Addiction 101" is a 1 hour presentation perfect for any size group and anyone 12 years old or over. There is no charge for this presentation only a request for a donation in any amount.

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Addiction 101 Feedback Survey 

"As an ER nurse I thought I understood everything about addiction... I was wrong!! I can't believe how much I didn't realize!!" 

~ Debbie

ER Nurse

"My 13 year old knows more than most about addiction because of my job, but after the presentation tonight when we got in the car to go home and we were both surprised by some of the information we had never heard before! So easy to understand and connect the dots!"

~ Sarah

Co-Chair Sandy Valley Drug Awareness Initiative 

Addiction 101  ~ How Addiction ​affects an Individual, a family and a community