Changing the Stigma surrounding Addiction One Heart at a Time ~ through Education and Understanding!


Every 10 minutes someone's son or daughter dies from an overdose

fighting to save lives

To educate communities on the Disease of Addiction, offer support to loved ones of those suffering the disease of addiction and to fight for the SAME Medical Rights, for the disease of addiction, as with ANY other Disease.


Don't HATE the Addict

Hate the Disease


Education through honest and open conversations ~ Learning from one another

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Online peer-to-peer support available 24/7 with members from across the globe at different stages of this journey. Willing to share our experiences, good and bad, lets members receive support while learning from one another.


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You are

​NOT Alone ~

Do you love someone that is struggling with the disease of addiction? Are you a recovering addict? We offer a safe place to learn from and lean on one another ♥

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